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Welcome Back to School Party Ideas

This Deliciously Fun Party Idea is Brought to you by Mini Babybel®.

Ask any mom and she’ll tell you what the most wonderful time of the year is with, little more than a moment’s thought. It’s back to school time of course. Haha! As much as we love the magic of summer, when it nears its end, we’re pretty darn pumped to send our little ones off to school again. Just think about all that quiet. I don’t know how it is in your house these days, but my kiddos are LOUD. I can’t wait for that first morning when I can sit down after dropping them off at school and simply enjoy a side of silence with my cuppa Joe. That being said, I doubt they’re as jazzed about a new school year as I am, so I thought it would be fun to do something special and fun to help build some excitement around the coming first day.

Back to School Party Ideas

back to school party

Enter my welcome back to school party ideas. What’s more fun than a party? With just a little effort you can make a party out of almost any occasion including back to school. I decided to go old school with my back to school party lunch and stick to classics like an apple theme and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my party fare. A big bowl of fresh apples was the perfect centerpiece and Mini Babybel cheese made for the sweetest little “apples.”

babybel apple treats

All I had to do was unwrap the cello from our Mini Babybel and pop in a pretzel stick to serve as the apple stem. On a side note, make sure you remove the wax before your little one starts noshing on all that cheesy goodness! Haha!

Mini Babybel is always a hit at our house. They both regularly ask for them in their lunches, so they obviously had to be a part of our party. The creamy taste is hard to beat and they make lunch deliciously fun. Just look at some of the tasty flavors this 100% real cheese comes in Original, always a solid choice, Light and, my personal favorite, White Cheddar Variety. And there’s more where that comes from. Mozzarella Style, Sharp Original and Gouda are available too, but I digress…

welcome back to school
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cut out peant butter and jelly sandwiches

Since neither of my precious cherubs are into crust, I decided to cut their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into cute, crustless shapes with cookie cutters. All I had to do to finish off our little welcome back to school party was pour some milk and pop in a bendy straw...because everyone loves a bendy straw...Am I right?!

babybel apples
babybel cheese
babybel cheese fan
milk party

As you can see, my impromptu back to school celebration put a smile (with a smidge of peanut butter, bwah) on my baby girl’s face and helped ease her nerves. She’s starting kindergarten this year you see. And while I am really looking forward to getting back into our school routine, I can’t promise I won’t shed any tears at watching my youngest start her career as a student. So, maybe mama needed this welcome back to school party as much as the kids did. Just sayin’!

plan the perfect (3)

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