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4 Apps For Dealing with Food Allergies

Having a family member with food allergies can add a whole new level of planning to shopping, food prep and eating out. From grabbing dinner on the road to finding suitable snacks for school lunches, it can be overwhelming to first learn about a new food allergy and then to wade through ingredient lists at supermarkets and restaurant menus to find safe options.

Apps for Dealing Food Allergies

Fortunately, tech comes to the rescue to try to make the process of finding suitable options for those with food allergies easier. Here are four of our favorites apps for dealing with food allergies.

1.ipiit - The Food Ambassador

ipiit app

Healthy eaters, allergy sufferers, and those with specific dietary restrictions are digging into a brilliant new app called ipiit, The Food Ambassador, that enables consumers to determine which foods best meet their dietary needs – With ipiit, shoppers simply set their food preferences in a free mobile app, choosing from 14 ingredients they’d like to avoid for allergy reasons and other health considerations. Options range from more commonly avoided ingredients like lactose, gluten, high fructose corn syrup, and egg to other choices, like aspartame and cellulose, and the list of options is constantly growing. Shoppers can even add GMO’s to their list of ingredients to avoid. Perfect while there still are no mandatory labeling of GMO's. Also gives you alternative products - similar to the one you scan but without the allergen. (free, iOS, Android)

2. Yummly

yummly app
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If you're ever searched Pinterest for a great recipe only to find out it contains an ingredient that you or your child is allergic to, you'll love Yummly's recipe collection that lets you easily filter by food allergies. Yummly has a gorgeous layout and a collection of thousands of recipes collected from your favorite recipe sites and food bloggers like AllRecipes, Epicurious, Food52, Chow, Steamy Kitchen and more. Filter recipes based on popular food allergies and your family's taste preferences to discover a new range of tasty recipes. Yummly also has an integrated shopping list and a cool feature that lets you scan an ingredient and find recipes that use it. A great option for parents who find that one allergy safe sauce their kids will eat, but want to know how else to use it. Plus, with their partnership with Instacart, you can have all your ingredients (or your whole shopping list!) delivered to your front door in under an hour. (free, iOS, Android)

3. mySymptoms Food & Symptom Tracker

mySymptom Tracker

Determining food allergies and sensitivities is tricky business, but if you're in the process of trying to diagnose the problem, the mySymptoms Food & Symptom Tracker app can be a big help. With this app you can track what you eat and drink and then an accompanying symptoms that show up over the course of the day. You can even track other factors such as medications taken, stress level, sleep quality and bowel movements. The symptom tracker allows you to rate their intensity and duration, and then provides a daily record to share with your doctor as well as monthly graphs analyzing any connection between certain common allergens such as cow's milk or eggs and your symptoms. ($2.99 iOS, Android)

4. YoDish


Family that deal with food allergies rely on each other. If you want to know the best gluten-free dish at your favorite restaurant or which diner won't mind leaving the cheese off the kids' menu items, you ask a friend for her recommendations. Now, with YoDish you just got a lot more friends. With this app, you can easily find nearby restaurants with "What's good here" recommendations from other eaters with food allergies. You can find and follow other YoDish-ers who have similar food needs and share your own delicious allergy-friendly dishes at restaurants in your town. (free, expanded features $3.99/yr, iOS)

What are your favorite food allergy apps?

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