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3 Juice Cleanses to Order for January 1st

Do you know what the #1 resolution is each January 1st? Lose weight and get healthy. And perhaps it's no surprise. After a month of too many peppermint mochas, holiday cocktails and gingerbread men, our bodies are craving a change. One way to jumpstart your health reset is which a juice cleanse.


There is some debate about the benefits of a juice cleanse. While you may drop a pound or two, they aren't designed for significant weight loss. Others claim that your body is naturally designed to detox and doesn't need a special cleanse. This is true - your liver and kidneys are designed to filter out toxins and eliminate junk from your system.

But the family stress, late nights, extra cocktails and less-than-healthy meals that often make up much of December can put added stress on your own built-in filtering system making it less than effective. On a detox cleanse like a juice cleanse, you are not only filling up with plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables, it also means you aren't having that third sugar cookie for a mid-morning snack. So if you're looking for something to set your January off on the right foot, consider putting in your order now for one of these three cleanses - each offers something a bit different than a traditional juice cleanse.

Raw Generation

Raw Generation's PHYSIQUE Protein Cleanse

If you hate the shakiness, brain fog and moodiness that can often accompany a juice cleanse, you'll love the PHYSIQUE Paleo Cleanse from Raw Generation. In addition to lots of greens and other favorite superfoods, these six daily juices pack a powerful punch of 80 grams of protein that will still keep you satiated and able to hit your spin class on your cleanse without passing out. From the morning Restart that includes apples, kale, spinach, collard greens, carrots and lemon to an afternoon Energize with peanut butter powder, pitted dates, filtered water, rice protein, chia seeds, flax seeds and coconut milk cream, this is one cleanse that will keep away the shakes and moodiness. ($209.97/3-day supply)

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Project Juice

Project Juice's Classic Reset Cleanse

If you're worried about the high sugar content of some juice cleanses, try this collection by Project Juice. Each of the six juices in the daily series includes just 16 grams or less of sugar which is half of what some other cleanses offer. Plus, you'll get nearly 20 pounds (!) of USDA-certified organic produce crammed into each day's allotment of juices. If you couldn't already tell by the color, this does mean that these juices are a bit heavier on the veggies and lighter on the fruit. But hey, you did sign up for a detox cleanse not a cocktail delivery service. ($225.00 /3-day supply)

urban remedy

Urban Remedy's Meal Plan Cleanse Kits

So you want to do a cleanse, want to give your body a fresh start, but the thought of surviving on just juice for three days makes you a bit weak in the knees and worried about biting off the head of anyone who you cross paths with. Urban Remedy to the rescue! While Urban Remedy does offer a number of juice cleanse options, they also offer these kits - Metabolism, Immunity and Beauty. These 3-day kits do include juices, but they also include a collection of teas, snacks, salads and soups. The Metabolism Kit is offers low-glycemic nutrition that supports detoxification and weight loss. The fall Immunity Kit includes teas, tonics and soups to boost your immune system. Or choose the Beauty Kit which is designed to less inflammation with a boost of antioxidants, fiber and essential fatty acids to eliminate toxins and revive your skin from the inside out. Cindy Crawford is a fan and also offers her "Essentials Kit". No promises you'll end up looking like Crawford at the end of three days, but there's a very good chance you'll feel better, lighter and healthier. ($199/3-day supply)

Here's to a healthier 2016!

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