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10 Recipes To Celebrate the Cappuccino

Today ladies, we join the nation in celebrating the cappuccino. That delicious, foamy cup of caffeine that starts our day and warms our bellies. Did you know that the cappuccino dates back to the Viennese coffee houses of the 1700s, known then as a "Kapuziner"? If you want to make your own cappuccino at home, head on over to The Shopping Mama for step-by-step directions from an Italian barista, but today, we are looking at other delicious ways to enjoy the cappuccino flavor beyond the cafe. Cappuccino muffins? Cappuccino cheesecake? Cappuccino tiramisu? Yes, please!

Cappuccino Recipes

Without further delay, here are ten of our favorite cappuccino-flavored treats to celebrate the day. And yes, most of them are desserts - you're welcome.

1.Cappuccino Yogurt Tiramisu - who said cappuccinos are just for breakfast? We love this sweet treat made with Liberté cappuccino yogurt.


2. Cappuccino Icebox Cake - Airy, light and delicious. Perfect for dessert. Or breakfast.


3. Cappuccino Cupcakes - What better way to celebrate a national holiday then with these festive cupcakes?


4. Cappuccino Cookie Dip - I know the name alone has sold you on this. You can dip just about anything into this - simple sugar cookies, pretzels, bread. Also, I'm pretty sure, a spoon. A perfect addition to your next girls' night.


5. Cappuccino Biscotti - You know what would go great with these? Yep, a big cappuccino.

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6. Cappuccino Fudge - We won't lie. These aren't healthy. But we were pretty much sold when the first ingredient was marshmallow cream.

Cappuccino Fudge

7. Cappuccino Muffins - Another excellent choice to go with your morning cappuccino.


8. Cappuccino Pancakes - Cappuccino pancakes with mocha syrup? We'll be right over for weekend dessert....I mean, breakfast.


9. Cappuccino Granola Bars - While we'd love to sit and enjoy a hot cap, we are always on the go which makes these portable bars a great choice to get that cappuccino flavor on the run.


10. Chocolate Cappuccino Cheesecake - Cheese, coffee and chocolate??! Now that you've drooled all over your keyboard, put this trifecta of goodness on your "To Make" list for this week.


Happy National Cappuccino Day!

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