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How to Stay Healthy this Winter

keeps the kids healthy this winter, winter flu busters

We pride ourselves on strong school attendance records--even at the holidays. That means keeping everyone on the family healthy. It's not easy when the calendar gets packed with activities and parties.

Of course my kids get sick, but I do my best to keep them healthy. Here are my go-to tips for keeping the family feeling 100% through the busy season. It's up to you, parents. The kids stay up later and let's face it...tend to eat loads of sugar and NOT loads of nutritious foods. Fight back with these strategies.

1. Keep bedtime as consistent as possible. It's hard with all the social events on the calendar, but strive to get back on the wagon the next night after your schedule gets wrecked.
2. Pack healthier lunches. If you know you have a party on a school night, plan to keep the lunch REALLY healthy. Double up on the veggies.
3. Shop for pre-cut, pre-washed veggies. Spend a little more during this busy time to make getting the good stuff a little easier to supply.
4. Use bribery. Santa is always watching if the kids eat salad (it'll work until the 24th).
5. Keep refillable bottles of water handy. Not only is this greener than plastic, it's a lot healthier than reaching for a juicbox every time you are on the go.
6. Build quiet time in. Carve out time for stories and quiet play during this hectic season so your kids have time to recharge their energy.
7. It's ok to RSVP no. Be picky on the invitations you accept. 1-2 awesome parties will be more meaningful than 5-6 parties that wear the kids out.
8. Bring hand cleaner and tissues everywhere. I like the mini Kleenex cases and the anti-bac from Bath & Body Works. These even make great stocking stuffers.
9. Skip ordering in pizza and opt for a quick soup and salad. It's just as fast and more nutritious.
10. Map out times to walk instead of riding in the car. The sights and sounds of the season can motivate little people and get them moving during the holidays.

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Do you have more healthy eating habits for the holidays? Be sure to leave me a comment! Here are some great comments from Facebook on the topic.

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