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How to Get Kids to Eat Kale

As we continue to celebrate National Vegetarian Month, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite vegetables, kale. You may think that kale is one of those things you'll never get your kids to eat, but think again! Celebrity dietician, Ashley Koff, was kind enough to share some great tips on incorporating kale into your kids' diets.


Q: We all know how tough it can be sometimes to get kids to eat their veggies. What's your top tip for sneaking veggies into meals?

A: Be a good example - a lot of kids aren't eating their veggies because a lot of parents are passing on their broccoli too. Don't sneak, celebrate vegetables - kids love colors, food they can play with, special treats, etc and veggies can play a role in all of these
Engage them in their veggies - either growing, picking, washing or prepping - I like this video on how to do a DIY lettuce garden.

Q: Do you have a favorite recipe that incorporates veggies in a FUN way?

A: BroccoLeaf Greensadillas! It turns the normal quesadilla into a veggie filled…GREEN quesadilla. Perfect for kids AND parents. You can find the recipe HERE.

Q: Which veggies do you think are the most kid friendly?

A: Easy, finger foods, no extra work required and for younger kids typically the sweeter ones but that doesn't mean not intro the others...Kids are going to love Foxy Organics BroccoLeaf the way they like Earthbound Farms organic peeled baby carrots, organic sugar snap peas & Wild Veggie organic butternut squash puree .

Q: What are some ways us moms can help our kids WANT to eat healthy?

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A: Be the example - as mentioned above - and at the same time don't make vegetables a fight, if they aren't eaten then that is fine, keep presenting them but don't do treats or punishments for eating veggies. Stock a veggie visual / accessible kitchen - have ready to eat veggies in visible places, a fruit bowl on the counter could have veggies too, ready to eat cut up veggies can be stored in colorful silicone lid glass Wean Green containers that are kid-friendly (i.e. can be dropped ;)

Q: Can Kale be a veggie kids want to eat?

A: YES!!! It already is. But it should be organic. Kale chips can be made at home. A smoothie can use part BroccoLeaf to balance the more bitter of the kale.


So, is kale a family favorite in your house lovelies?

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