Good For You Ice Cream


Did you know Mr. Momtrends and I were slightly addicted to ice cream. It's our not so dirty little secret that we eat it 5+ times a week after the kids are in bed. We tend to favor Stonyfield FroYo--which is our concession to the fact that we are 40+ and very health conscious. The flavors we like have 21G per serving of SUGAR. YIKES!

But we know we can do better. A friend tipped us off about a new line of treats from Enlightened. The idea is to make the good stuff taste better.

Most of the treats are under 100 calories (hello NY resolutions!) and are low in fat and SUGAR. That's the big one. Neither of us are dieting but we are definitely cutting back on sugar. Our favorite treat is the Mint Ice Cream Sandwich (it's in development--coming to you soon). Only 3G sugar--but wait--just like in an infomercial, there's more. The sandwiches are high in fiber and have 8G protein (Stonyfield only offers 2G of protein per serving).

enlightened treats

The kids liked the ice cream bars--Fudge was the best with just 70 calories and 2G fat. Many stores carry the bars--look for them with the frozen yogurt in your local store. This is a great way to give kids what they want and to feel guilt-free about your choice. Again compared to Stonyfield bars, there is a lot less sugar. 3G compared to 18G. That's a big difference.

Our local Fairway Market has started to carry the lines, I hope they and more stores start expanding the offerings from Enlightened. Get more details

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