Cool Cups: Gelatin-Free Snacks

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You can't ignore the fun that Jell-O brings. That wiggle jiggle. The fun shape potential. Its status as a low-cal, non-fat dessert choice. The only way I don't enjoy it is when people float fruit in it. Why ruin perfectly good Jell-O? But I was pysched to find these gelatin-free snacks.

Jell-O is obviously made of gelatin, which in turn is made from bones and hides. My kid eats Jell-O. If math serves me right and A=B, B=C; therefore A=C, this means that my kid eats bones and hides. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

I'm not going to ignore the fact that one of our favorite desserts comes from things that I would consider rightfully placed in a trash. But I can't give up the Jell-O. That's right. I'm a Jell-O junkie.

The solution is Cool Cups, snack packs that are free from gelatin, gluten, fat, dairy, GMO, artificial colors and preservatives. And bones. I checked. There are no bones. Or hides. With all of this no-no-no, there are a few yes-yes-yes aspects too. They're high in Vitamin C (250%!) and have fewer than 95 calories per serving, so you can say 'yes' to them when you're watching your weight and watching your little one's nutrition.

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They're ready to eat out of the fridge and come in tasty choices: peach mango, orange and our favorite black cherry. Our daughter loves them as snacks in her lunchbox, since they're easy to open and just a spoonful away from happy. They're also vegan, and taste just like Jell-O. And if you're wondering...they jiggle perfectly.

And you can tell them that you heard all this tasty info straight from the horse's mouth. So to speak.

Cool Cups are available at Whole Foods and other natural and specialty food stores.

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