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Starting this year, Weight Watchers has rolled out their new Points Plus program, an update of the original Points program, utilizing developments in nutritional science over the last 13 years. Three major changes have taken place in the new program:

  • A new way of calculating a food's Points Plus, which focuses on the nutritional components of a food, the fat, fiber, protein and carbohydrates, instead of just the total caloric number
  • Power foods, which help members focus on making the healthiest and most satisfying choices in the different food categories; foods are rated on how filling they are, the amount of types and fat they contain, and so on
  • Fruits and most vegetables are now assigned a 0 point value; these are foods that most people do not consume enough of, and their nutritional value is high. New program users report eating more fruits and vegetables because they now have a zero point value, which leads to the default healthier choice
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These changes and more are highlighted in the "Live from the Kitchen with Weight Watchers" segment that originally aired on January 5th. The segment features an overview of the new program, along with tips and tricks for general healthy eating. The hosts offer ideas of choosing the healthiest options, healthier cooking techniques, and substituting within recipes for healthier ingredients (applesauce in lieu of oil in baking recipes is recommended and works quite well).

The segment features a recipe for a healthier fried rice with lots of vegetables that fits right into the Weight Watchers Points Plus program, along with ideas for Black Bean Brownies and 0-PointsPlus Cauliflower Poppers, all featured on the Weight Watchers Facebook page. The hosts also introduce the Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion iPad app, featuring collections of recipes, cooking tips and more, for healthier eating. If Jennifer Hudson's new figure is a good judge of the plan--we say go for it if you want to make progress with your weight loss.

For more information on the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program, visit WeightWatchers.com. We'd love to hear from you. Anyone on WW? Any successes?

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