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Two Hot Fitness Trends

In my never ending quest to be as fit and healthy as I can possibly be, I'm forever trying out new fitness trends, gear and gadgets and I thought it would be fun to share a couple of my recent test runs with you. I know that fitness is just as important to you as it is to us here at Momtrends. We all want to have an endless supply of energy to keep up with our on the go kiddos...Am I right? Well, we might not be able to tap into an infinite reserve, but the more we work out our bods, the more energy we'll have access to.


First up, I tackled waist training. The Kardashians were hot and heavy with it for a while. Remember? Belly Bandit and Hourglass Angel and were kind enough to send me their Mother Tucker Corset (which I've noticed is a big time celebrity favorite) and Active Band Waist Trainer to try out. Basically, you wear your waist trainer of choice while you exercise. Full disclosure, I couldn't hack it full time. I get too hot to be able to tolerate something that tight sticking to me during all my sweat sessions. I mean mama SWEATS bit time. I did however thoroughly enjoy the support the shapewear provided and wouldn't be opposed to wearing them every now and again during a workout and definitely at home to help whittle my middle.

In case you want to give waist training a try, here are some tips from Hourglass Angel:

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  • The technique works best, of course, when used in conjunction with fat-burning, muscle-building exercises and a clean, nutrient-dense diet.
  • Don’t continue wearing your waist trainer if you experience any numbness.
  • Don’t continue wearing your waist trainer if you have sharpness of breath.
  • Don’t continue wearing your waist trainer if you experience sharp stomach pains.
  • Don’t continue wearing your waist trainer if you feel any pinching.

Next we have a gym bag from GoRoll, but it's not just any gym bag...This bag has a dual purpose. It's a foam roller too! How cool is that? It's lockable, so you can store your belongings on it, but you can also use it to amp up your workouts. I was introduced to rolling last year and, let me tell you, I feel the burn baby whenever I do it! I urge you to try this roller out stat. Your abs will thank you! Just sayin'.

So, what fitness gear or trends have you tried out lately lovelies? I'm always willing to tackle something else!

Disclosure: We were not paid for this post. We received samples for review. Also, we are not experts. Always check with a medical professional before beginning an exercise or fitness routine. 

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