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Meet my personal trainer. This year I'm cutting back on gym time and heading outdoors with

Striiv a small device that makes fitness fun by motivating exercise through charity donations, games, and challenges - all powered by physical activity.

Striiv fits on a key chain, belt clip, or in your pocket, and is always on and always tracking steps, distance, calories, minutes of activity, and even stairs. Here's our mom view of Striiv and fits into your life:

Striiv debuts this week in Las Vegas Best Buy locations in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show and will be featured in Best Buy's new Healthy and Fitness sections in 43 Best Buy Connected Stores across America. After a successful online and TV launch, it's time for Striiv to hit "brick-and-mortar" retail stores! The product will launch in additional Best Buy stores nationwide this spring. Striiv is already available on

We all know moving matters, it's the easiest way to control your weight and get moving. Most of us know this, but it's easier to sit on the sofa than to move. So a little reminder like the Striiv can make a huge difference. It's social and easy to use and just might be the thing you need to help you meet your goals this year.

Goals--that's what it's about. Setting them and attaining them. What if you had a little helper cheering you on along the way. Striiv helps you get there by keeping track and rewarding you along the way.


Small, cute, affordable and easy to use. This tool is perfect for moms on the go. What's holding you back from getting fit and fabulous?

Buy Striiv on Amazon $99

For more information visit, Striiv on YouTube, Facebook ( and Twitter @Striiv

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