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Welcome the the world of Striiv fitness. The solution to your fitness goals fits in your pocket. Nope, not a lock for the fridge. We're talking about the sleek little device that tracks your progress and makes meeting your goals fun and rewarding.

Striiv ($99)

is where a pedometer, gaming system and personal trainer all in one.

Think of all the joy your kids get from gaming. Imagine if you felt that same surge of fun when you completed a workout. That's what we're talking about. We've been using Striiv for over a month (check out our initial post here) and can attest that the cool factor doesn't wear off.

We nabbed an interview with Dave Wang the Striiv CEO to get the scoop on this ground-breaking company.

What are some words of encouragement for moms who want to start a fitness program with Striiv this year?

Start the new year by letting go of the guilt. It's not about going to the gym, but living your life! Striiv helps you find those moments to exercise more, give back, and have fun! With the walkathon in your pocket, games, and personal goals... it doesn't even feel like exercise :)

How did the concept of Striiv come about?

As the VP of Marketing at Booyah, we developed 'addictive' social games with over 25 million users. We were seeing billions of button clicks every week, and we started thinking 'what if we could get people addicted to walking? What if we could change those billions of button clicks into billions of steps? That would be awesome!

In the development of Striiv we wanted to reduce the 'knowing-doing gap' through personalized motivation. With Charities, Games, and personal goals nudging you. Fitness becomes fun and meaningful, and it doesn't even feel like exercise.

Our mission was to build a movement around movement by transforming any activity into a fitness opportunity that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Amazon did it with shopping, Netflix with movies, Zynga with social gaming, and now Striiv with fitness.

This product seems perfect for moms, are they the target?

Absolutely. My wife is my inspiration. We have 3 young children and don't have time for the gym. When we were in our 20's, we used to go running together all the time.. life has a way of catching up and taking away free time.

It's a lot of pressure to balance work, friends, and family. Being 'fit'? and doing something about your health is intimately tied to our self esteem and personal identity. Being able to take control of our fitness and feel good at the end of the long day is why we created Striiv.

We love the sleek look of the product, was designing this easy?

We have an amazing design team. Wayne Greenwood led the full industrial design effort, and the nice 'helicopter glass'? on the back of the device was an idea from Conlan Ma, our head of sales.

What one feature on Striiv are you most proud of?

Putting the color touch screen experience at a $99 price point. That high-resolution touch screen is the key to unlock all those great motivational experiences right in the palm of your hand. That said, to be able to deliver the right technology to hit the price points and battery life targets were really really hard. Without a world class engineering team, we never would have tried something so ambitious.

What's your favorite place to walk or jog?

I live in Palo Alto, and there is this great park with a really nice play structure that has over 30 stairs. When I used to take my boys to the park, I would sit on the bench and just watch them. Now, I'm running up the stairs and sliding down to hit those 10x point bonuses, and having a great time chasing my kids. :)

When do you fit time in for exercise?

We are lucky to live downtown, where most errands, weekend grocery shopping, and toddler adventures are within walking distance. I actually have stopped 'working out', and have just been walking and taking the stairs 'A LOT'? more.

Is fitness a priority at the Striiv HQ? Examples?

Absolutely. Before starting Striiv, I would often drive to lunch, take the elevator, and just sit at my desk all day. Striiv has changed my life, and the lives of our employees.

We've been at our Redwood City HQ for well over a year. I've driven to lunch exactly three times, for special occasions, and walked every other time. It takes 35 stairs (equivalent of a 3 story home), and I have never taken the elevator (other than moving furniture). We even have our HQ in two separate offices across a hallway, where just walking back and forth between meetings allows us to get tons of steps in :)


Now take your fitness to a new level. Striiv is adding the following new features:

1. Personalized Challenges: Striiv will recommend unique, personalized challenges mapped directly to a user's individual activity level. Challenges will adapt based on personal best scores, daily averages, and even stair vs. step count.
2. Minutes of Activity: Users can track how many minutes per day they are active in addition to steps, stairs, calories, and distance. Users can track against health industry recommendations or Striiv daily average, currently nearly 60 minutes per day.
3. Expanded Game: Due to overwhelming demand, the built-in MyLand game is adding a new island, as well as updated plants and fixtures that can only be unlocked though physical activity.

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For more information visit, Striiv on YouTube, Facebook ( and Twitter @Striiv

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