Soul Cycle The Ultimate Mommy Workout

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Burn baby burn. That's what my thighs were saying after my first session at Soul Cycle, the hippest workout in NYC. Like traditional spinning, the class relies on a motivated instructor and upbeat music. But that's where the similarity ends.

Mommy fitness buffs will adore this studio.

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Mom (and Dads) want fast results will hop on a bike at this updated spinning studio and likely shed those last few pounds of baby weight or simply experience a killer workout with a touch of zen added in. The studio has a chill vibe before class starts. Low lighting is quite forgiving if you come right from pre-school drop off and there is a gorgeous, well-stocked shower area at the Downtown/Tribeca location. Soul Cycle targets the entire body, not just a mean cardio fest for 45 minutes. You'll get a upper body workout and work your core. If you are in a workout rut, this is just the thing to shake things up.

The first class is $20 and then from there singles are $32. The best bet is a pack of sessions (5 for $160, etc.). Expect to pay $3 per workout for the clip-in shoes. Be prepared to sweat--dress in fitted gear and remember the seat cover. Then spin your brain out. Work it mama!

Soul Cycle 

5 locations (Tribeca, UWS, UES, Scarsdale and Hamptons)

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