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Soul Cycle opened a new Brooklyn outpost, so we invited a few of our friends and the entire staff of Momtrends (which now equals seven! plus a few awesome freelancers) to enjoy a free ride.

Each month this year we've been trying to team up for fitness fun as a team. The theory goes the team that sweats together stays together. This was a fantastic workout. We all got our hearts pumping. And we got to check out the hottest trend in group fitness classes.

soul cycle ride

What's to love about Soul Cycle? You can get a fantastic workout in under an hour. The room is dimly lit so you focus on your workout not what your friends are doing. Expect a kicking music set--give in to the pumping music and you'll get the workout you need. It's all about challenging yourself and forgetting about the to-do list.

The facility is bright and sunny everywhere BUT the studio. Expect crisp clean white with pops of yellow. The studio has inspirational words on the wall and is dimly lit with the focus on the instructor. Want to see more? Here's a video from my first class back in 2010

Group cycling indoors? Yes it could be a snooze and you could fake a workout. But at Soul Cycle there's no use in calling it in. Give in and let go.

team momtrends at soul cycle

TIP: no special gear is required. Just bring a tee or tank on top (did I mention you sweat) and form-fitting pants or shorts on the bottom. They give you the shoes to use (and yes, they're cleaned). Soul Cycle also has clean, well-lit shower facilities for those that have to go right to work.

soul cycle ride brooklyn

A huge thanks to Soul Cycle Brooklyn for hosting us and for all the women who joined the ride and brought books for The Brooklyn Kindergarten Society.

To find a studio near you go here.

soul cycle brooklyn

To find out more about BKS go here.

BKS book donations

This is not a sponsored post.

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