Seven Minute Pilates Workout for Mom


If you've been keen to try pilates but don't know where to start I've got something for you...I did my first video segment for Momtrends. Check it out here on YouTube. I worked with my fitness guru, Lawson Harris. Lawson is my pilates instructor from the FitnessGuruNYC. Her amazing studio is here in Brooklyn (a gorgeous sun-drenched studio) and THE BEST way to whip your mommy belly into shape. Pilates is perfect for moms who want to reclaim their body, improve posture and trim down. I met Lawson as a part of my 2008 resolution--and it was the best investment of time and $$$ I have made in a long time.

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Lawson and I teamed up on a short (10 minutes total with intro) video of three exercises to help three target areas: butt, belly and back of arms. Try it!

For more information about DUMBO Brooklyn visit the DumboNYC blog here.

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