Quick and Effective Workouts with Spin Gym


I always use time (or lack there of) as an excuse why I don't workout. But really, it is a valid reason with small children, work and life, in general. For 2012, I noted in my Momtrends resolutions post that I wanted to start-up a new and exciting fitness routine. For me that doesn't mean the gym, but effective workouts that work my muscles and burn fat and don't take that much time out of my life. Enter the Spin Gym, a gyrotonic resistance program that targets the upper body with constant motion and force.

Designed by Forbes Riley, also a mom of two, the SpinGym can tone, strengthen and sculpt the arms, chest, back and shoulders. Essentially a 20 pound disc that also looks like a horizontal yo-yo, the Spin Gym works by rotating the discs causing resistance so the harder you pull, the faster you work it. Basically you are spinning the weighed disc to tone your body through the combined forces of inertia, gyrotronics and isokinetics.


The system came with suggestions for various exercises like the Side Arm Stretch, Bent Over Stretch, Basic Spin Crunch and Dual Action Abs. I started with some stretching and then progressed to some basic exercises like a Basic Spin, Overhead Spin and a Single Arm Punch. Even though the Spin Gym looks small in size, my 10-minute workout packed a HUGE punch and as I felt the different muscle groups getting toned. The system also comes with a 30-minute cardio DVD that focus on abs, arms and stretching.

Aside from the effective and super easy workout, I loved how compact the Spin Gym is that takes up no space. It is also to easy to travel with - where you can even fit it in your purse for a quick workout.

As a quick way to workout the Spin Gym can be done just five minutes in a day - making it an ideal system for busy moms who an effective upper body workout

For additional information, please visit: http://spingym.homestead.com/index.html

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