Prevent Drownings with the iSwimband


You've probably heard the scary statistics - drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death of children under 18. But did you know this? Aquatic Safety Concepts reports that 88% of drownings occur with some type of supervision present!

It's so easy to get distracted by a friend, a text, or a juicy book, but around water, the consequences can be tragic for kids. Aquatic Safety Concepts recently released its groundbreaking new iSwimband, the first portable and personal drowning detection system. The iSwimband is a lightweight wearable headband that children can wear on their wrist, goggle strap or swim cap.

water safety
water safety

The iSwimband uses a built-in waterproof Bluetooth sensor that will alert the parents' iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch should the child remain underwater for too long of a period of time, and/or if a non-swimmer should accidentally fall into the water.

iSwimband will work in pools, lakes, the ocean - even spas and bathtubs! Each box comes with one iSwimband headband/goggle strap, one iSwimband wristband, and one iSwimband sensor.


It's important to be vigilant when your kids are around water, but it also doesn't hurt to have a back-up system like the iSwimband. For more information, facts on drowning, or to purchase, visit

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