Pool Safety and Tips

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Swimming is a big deal in our family. We love he water and our girls are both enrolled in swim classes at the local YMCA. When we are at my mom's house (she has a pool) we always designate a lifeguard. I suggest using an actual whistle to designate who is lifeguard. Whoever is wearing the whistle cannot leave the pool area and must keep eyes on the swimmers.

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We also like this Speedo Girls' Swim Vest($21.95). We put it on the girls near the pool. These floats work very well but are not an excuse to neglect swim lessons. Want to know more about water safety? Mom Central offered these tips.

And if you don't think young kids can learn to swim, think again. Check out this amazing and disturbing video (I for one am horrified that they filmed this child who as obviously getting upset).

And finally, according to msn, one in five people pee in public pools. Gross. Aside from the unsavory report, there are health tips on this report worth reading before you take your next trip to the pool. Don't forget your flip flops!

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