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Workout gear just keeps getting better. First we had function--wicking, lightweight fabrics and now we've added fashion. It's good news for moms that put a premium on fitness. A few weeks ago we attended the New Balance Fall 2011 press preview at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Seasoned trainers from CRUNCH took bloggers and editors through strength and agility sessions. I begged out since I already logged a training session (I'm on team Baby Buggy for the NYC 2011 marathon--pray for me). But I did get a look at the styles for fall (think lots of bold bright 80s colors) and some advice on training shoes for my running.


I can report that the Crunch trainers had my fellow writers breaking out in a sweat. Nice work New Balance. I've attended far too many fitness events that bill themselves as a workout and end up being all show. Next time I'll know to bring my a-game and my energy to let New Balance put me through my paces. We're pleased that NB is reaching out to female athletes and wannabe athletes by making performance gear that looks great. We also think the online resources are worth a gander. The wellness section of the site has host of articles that just might get you motivated to make this summer your most fit ever--check this out.

We're also so enamored with the Girls on the Run program. Go here and watch this video--we dare you not to get teary-eyed. Girls on the Run® is a non-profit prevention program that encourages pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through running. New Balance provides shoes for 5,000 needy girls each year, as well as a pair of running shoes for each council director. A smart investment in the next generation of runners and one of the many reasons I'm proud to work with this brand.

I went home from the event with a swell goody bag. Later on in the week, I tested out the apparel on my own at a Pilates session. The fit is terrific and the lightweight fabrics are ideal for the warmer weather.


Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a swag bag.

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