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Momtrends' Writers and Editors Fitness Goals

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It's that time of year again. Time to get physical and stick with your fitness resolutions. This month is all about health and wellness on Momtrends and our writers and editors are taking the pledge to make some changes with walking, getting outdoors, new workout routines and even for more exercise in the bedroom! Take the pledge with us to make subtle and important changes for a physically and mentally fit 2012!

Kate Bayless (Writer):
My fitness goal for 2012 is for more exercise in the bedroom. Calories burned, glowing skin, an improved relationship and maybe the dishes done the next night? What's not to love? Also, 2012 is the year of 'no more excuses!' If I can't hit the gym, I'm going to pull up an episode of POP Pilates on YouTube and let Cassie Ho get me taut and trim from my living room.

Maria Colaco (Writer):
I hope to get my dance on in a big way in 2012! Gyms are not my thing - my heart belongs to the outdoors and my goal is to spend more time hiking, climbing and riding my bike really fast. For my family - we are making sure we are all eating fresh ingredients and cutting out almost ALL processed food.

Mandy Fischer (Writer/Editor):
On New Years Day, I decided to join Weight Watchers with three other 20-something girlfriends in hopes to shed our "holiday weight" and feel fit for one of my friends weddings where a ton of our high school acquaintances will be in's kind of like a 10-year high school reunion, a few years early. My goal is to hit the gym three times a week and end the week with a WW meeting until the big day.

Kerri Gristina (Writer):
As a full time working mom of three, I have not spent enough time focusing on my health. I have been reading Beth Aldrich's new book, Real Moms Love to Eat and I am going to try and apply some of her strategies to implement small changes. First, I want to make a commitment to drink more water. This was the secret to my weight loss success years ago so I am hoping this will work again. My next fitness goal will be to get out and play with my girls. I don't think I can commit to walking a certain amount right now, but if I commit to taking them out to the park even when it is cold, we all get exercise and quality time together.

Alicia Harper (Writer):
I usually find time to workout for three times each week, but during months when my calendar is super busy, I tend to find an excuse not to work out -- ie: I don't have time. This year, I will allow one "better than nothing day" during the weeks that my scheduled is crazy. This means that I will still be active in some way, shape, or form. I will walk or do some type of low-key exercise. And I'll always remember, "Someone busier than me is running right now."

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Lawson Harris (Fitness Editor):
As a type "A" cardio/weights junkie, my 2012 fitness goal is to add more meditative Pilates and Yoga to my regime. As I get older, I want to remember to breathe and relax more- less cortisol means a happier, thinner Lawson!

Elizabeth Leach (Writer):
I will go to the gym twice a week and work out as hard as I can for one hour. I will do ab work both those days and one more day at home for about ten minutes. If I can stick to this, maybe people will stop asking me if I'm pregnant! (You can print the last part, too!)

Anna Sandler (Writer):
My goal for the new year is to make homemade food. I'll be making my own bread, crackers, frozen yogurt, and pizza this year.

Michelle Spreckels (Writer):
I resolve to keep my commitment to getting outside for at least 15 minutes a day! I've been very inspired by the book, 15 Minutes Outside by Rebecca Cohen.

Brandon Smith (Design Editor):
When I think of fitness, Olivia Newton Johns' "Let's Get Physical" pops into my mind. And since I have this aversion to anything tights... or fluorescent for that matter, you won't see me getting aerobic. But that won't stop me from spending more time with my old trainer and her yoga bootcamps. Nothing like a stretchy burn.

Sherri Shubert (Events Manager):
My goal is to work with a personal trainer one day per week and to engage in one group fitness class per week in addition to going to the gym one day per week. My biggest goal is to stop eating a pint of nutella per week!

Serena Norr (Managing Editor):
Last year I had a baby and I haven't committed to any workout plan (that is if you don't count running around with a four-year-old while holding a baby as a workout) so for 2012 I want to take at least two classes a week and not use excuses - like I don't have the time. Since I'm not a huge fan of the gym, I want to focus on exercises that I love - Pilates and Yoga, running outside, Hiking, walking, etc - so that I can feel great and have enough energy for these amazing kids in my life.

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