Mommy Time Monday: New York Personal Training

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On Sunday morning even my hair follicles ached. I'd been through a 30-minute workout with Michael Shaw, owner of New York Personal Training. Michael is positioning his Chelsea studio to be THE spot for moms to reclaim their pre-baby bodies. So I signed on for a session. I'm a bit of a fitness buff, but he found muscles I never knew I had.

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Cardio and stretching are what I love to do. Running and yoga are ideal for me, so when I go in for one-on-one sessions I want my trainer to remind me of all the body parts I neglect. Michael did that and then some. We focused on all the mommy bits--inner thighs (still sore four days later), backs of arms, lower back and core. The exercises he came up with were interesting. He used a variety of weights, balls and my own body weight.

My observations: if you need motivation this is a terrific place to get inspired without all the judgments and preening involved with a traditional gym. The tidy space is only used for client training. No gym bunnies checking themselves out in the mirror.

Michael and his team of trainers take a long-term approach. Ideally, a new client would sign on for at least 12 weeks. A 2x a week schedule for 12 weeks starts at $1800. This could be the best investment in yourself you've ever made. If you want to see if NYPT is right for you, Michael is offering Momtrends readers a free session. Just mention Momtrends or this post. Call 212.673.1866 or go online to book your appointment.

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In addition to my review of NYPT (which is not a paid review), I'd like to welcome the new sponsor of Mommy Time Monday the Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists. Thanks to them, each week I'll be able to run around trying new ways to get refreshed, rejuvenated and hopefully come back a better mom.

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