Match Your Fitness Program to Your Personality

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I got this great email from Diana Blaszczyk about "Exercise Alternatives to help keep those New Years' Resolutions." She offers fresh ideas for every personality type'??fitness substitutions to help you obtain the same workout benefits, with a new twist: (All statistics are from the American Council on Exercise, ACE.)

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For the competition-seeker: Forget your tennis lessons'?? one hour of Wii Boxing burns over 400 calories. Try the Wii Boxing Gloves $19.99

For the independent: Yoga not only calms nerves and burns 173 calories per hour, but it also increases strength and endurance, improving balance, and of course, flexibility. Try for the basic gear you'll need and for poses and general information.

For couples: Walking the dog together doesn'??t cut it'??Join a dance class! Arthur Murray is now offering Core Rhythms classes that fuse Latin ballroom dance and fitness while shedding 582 calories per hour. You may not be Brooke Burke of Dancing with the Stars--but your sure to have fun.

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For the whole family: Setting a healthy example for children is required now more than ever'??start a family routine by inline skating together, which burns 720 calories per hour! Free 3D lessons are offered on Dash Girl's Inline Skates cost about $59 for girls and $79 for boys Micro 500X.

Great ideas one and all!

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