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Half Marathon Training (You Can Do It!)

I'm laced up and training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon and sharing my tips for running smart.
half marathon training

Have you thought about running a half marathon? To this running mom, it's the perfect distance. Enough of a challenge to really motivate me to train smart and a doable distance for just about everyone. I'm laced up and training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon and sharing my tips for running smart.

TIP 1: Pick the right race. You want to hunt for a course that is far enough out to give you time to train properly. I picked the springtime Brooklyn Half (May 18) because it gives me enough time to train after the weather gets better. It's a flat-ish course and has lots of spectators to keep me chugging along. Perfect for me.

TIP 2:Map out your training. Don't guess that you've put in the right number of miles to get you to the finish line. Get a good training plan and put it on your calendar. I make these appointments like they are doctors appointments--they are non-negotiable. You also don't want to over train--that's a fantastic way to get an injury. Pick a program, map it and stick to it. Here's a good sample from Fitness Magazine. Feel free to modify!

half marathon training schedule

TIP 3: Get a running buddy. She or he doesn't have to be in your same town. You can use a virtual running buddy to keep on track, but I rely on good old-fashioned girl power. I have two friends that I do all my long runs with. It sure keeps you honest knowing friends are meeting you at 7am ready to hit the road. I like the idea of running clubs, but don't feel like you have to join something official. It can be as simple as a facebook pal who checks in on you occasionally. 1 cheerleader who's in it with you is really all it takes.

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TIP 4: The shoes matter. Get expert advice to match a shoe to your running style. I have been running in New Balance for the past decade. I've switched up the model a few times over the years. Right now I am running in the 1260v. It's light and supportive. Considering how bouncy I feel with these on, I'm surprised that I can still get all the cushioning and support I need. New Balance calls it "FantomFit"--their means of giving the shoe a light feel with everything I need to load on the miles without injury. But here's the big one. Are you ready? DON'T CHANGE UP THE RUNNING SHOE MIDWAY THROUGH TRAINING. That is a surefire way to get an injury or at least some fantastic new blisters. If you want to experiment, by all means do. But not during training for a big race.

Now you've got my tips. Are you ready to take on your first half?


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Training for Your First Half Marathon

This is not a sponsored post. I was given a pair of New Balance shoes to test for my training.

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