Get Running For the Love of Boston


There are two faces kids make when they run. Fierce determination and all out joy. Watch. They don't grimace. Running feels so good to their bodies. Often we parents have to remind them to slow down. In honor of the three people killed at the marathon, the hundred+ injured, the athletes who didn't get to finish, the fine city of Boston and runners everywhere, I am asking you to get out today and run. Reconnect with the joy of exertion and wind in your face.

what running looks like

It doesn't have to be pretty, record breaking or a long distance. Just run. Remind your kids that good, fun things happen everyday. Joy can be regenerated and moms can make a difference. As my dear friend Christine from BostonMamas says, "Don't let fear drive the bus." She ran today:


Send me your running photos and I will post them here. In a celebration of running and a celebration of Boston. #neverstoprunning.

Maria aka is running. She posted about running too. Are you in?


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