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Friday Close-Up: Latham Thomas

Trying to find a bit of zen and calm this year? Busy parents would do well to connect with Latham (HHC, AADP, RYT). This Columbia grad and single mama is the mastermind behind Tender Shoots Wellnesss, a yogi, chef and health advisor. In her words, she tries to help moms by providing, "nutrition awareness, yoga, green culinary arts and plant medicine." She's one of the most connected and generous women in the world of yoga and parenting--we advise you get to know her better.

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Any resolutions for the new year? My resolution is to take more time for myself, hence my trip to Tulum, Mexico next week! Mama needs a dip in the ocean and some sunshine.

What are your tips for finding a bit of calm as a busy mom? Keep your inspiration in your back pocket- whatever it is you love to do- knitting, jump rope, photography etc- if you make time for your passion on a regular basis you will get that much needed respite and feel more calm.

Get out and exercise- if that's putting a yoga mat on your living room floor and stretching it out, taking a jog outdoors, or taking a cool group exercise class at the gym- just do it. Exercise releases endorphins into the blood stream, activates your relaxation response and helps you to chill out! I recently tried a class with fitness guru Patricia Moreno- IntenSati and there were tons of mothers in class shouting affirmations while moving to the rhythm.

Breathe deeply- in through the nose, feel it deep in the belly- this helps me calm down right away when I feel myself starting to get stressed.

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Favorite yoga studio in NYC?

OM Factory
265 W.37th street (between 7-8th)

Best at home yoga dvd's or podcast?
Transform yourself with Jivamukti yoga- DVD, Be You. tv- over 250 exercise videos online. A great resource for moms who don't want to invest in dvds, but wants a varied practice. There is always something new to discover.

Best Mommy & Me Yoga in NYC?
Karma Kids Yoga- 104 W. 14th street, bet 6-7th NYC
I loved taking my son to these classes! We still go because they have pijama yoga too!

Favorite spot for a winter playdate with your son?
This is a toss up, its a tie between Natural History Museum, and Moomah Cafe (161 Hudson). They have these do-it-yourself art tables where you and the little ones can engage in an instant art activity, have a healthy bite to eat, and stay cozy while avoiding the Jack Frost. The decor is gorgeous there as well.

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What are some good resources for single moms in the city?
Issa Mas's blog SIngle Mama NYC is great- I think has some great resources,, also Realbirth offers single mother support groups which is a great way to meet other mamas raising their cubs in the big city.

Where do you shop for chic yoga gear (you always look so cool!)? Thank you! I love Hyde Yoga--, they make organic yoga apparel that is hip, comfortable and good for the planet. I love their colors, I'm a big fan of bright colors!!
Where can we find you?
OM Factory-

Sundays- 10-11:30am (Yoga Playground) Vinyasa
Mondays- 2-3:15pm Anti-gravity Yoga

My Prenatal Yoga Classes
Euphoria Spa-

Mondays- 10-11am, semi-privates (call to reserve)

Golden Bridge yoga-

Thursdays- 5-6:15pm

Yoga Sole (Brooklyn)
Saturdays- 12:30-2pm

For more events go here.

And dont' miss this event...

Yogis for Haiti

with Latham Thomas & Tigist Selam

Saturday, January 23rd, 6-8pm

Om Factory 265 W.37th street, bet 7-8th aves- 17th floor

Suggested donation $20

Latham Thomas

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