Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

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It can be difficult for busy parents to find time to exercise. Between working, taking care of the kids, paying bills, cooking dinner, and cleaning the house – there are only so many minutes left in the day! Local fitness gurus and AS ONE co-founders, Mark Merchant and George Vafiades recommend pushing yourself for just 20 minutes. According to Mark and George, you’ll see your energy level and your fitness level increase dramatically. Below they share a few tips on how to work fitness into your daily routine:

  • When you’re cleaning the house (which is a workout in and of itself!) amp up the intensity level by performing 10 sit-ups or pushups (or any move(s) of your choice) in between each task.
  • When it comes to fitness, support and accountability can go a long way in terms of helping you reach your goals. Find other moms in your neighborhood who are looking to get fit and exercise together. Take turns “leading” the workout so you’re always trying new moves and don’t become bored.
  • Bring the kids into the workout! Teach your child simple moves like sit-ups, squats, jumping jacks, and how to jump rope. Not only will you have a blast, but you’ll both get a workout in and work towards improving your overall health.

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