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You've probably noticed that fitness is very important to us here at Momtrends. We're all about not only being as fit as possible so we have the energy we need to tackle our busy mom boss schedules, but we also want to be around for our children and give them those oh so important positive examples of healthy living.

One of our favorite ways to stay fit is through running. There is something to be said for the freedom you feel when you hit the open trail and we know that many of you love that runner's high as much as we do, so we rounded up a few of our top posts on running...Happy National Running Day!


Tips for running with kids...You can never start too early when it comes to encouraging your kids to live an active lifestyle. Check out our tips for getting your tween inspired to get moving and join you for a run! If you help them fall in love with fitness now, they will take those healthy habits with them right on into adulthood.


Full body park workout...Looking for a new workout? Why not head outside to a local park? We've got you covered with this equipment free full body workout that includes both running and a circuit filled with body weight resistance based plyometrics, as well as calisthenics for your core, legs, tush and arms!


Best running app...Last year we gave you the skinny on the Runkeeper running app and we still love it just as much now as we did then. This handy dandy app can help you create and chart your runs so you can maintain a solid routine. Anything to stay motivated right?

We hope these posts on running inspired you to pound some pavement today!

Disclosure: We were not paid for this post. Always consult you physician before beginning any exercise program.

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