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Schwinn Bicycles, Just in Time for Spring


Bicycles have never been cooler. They are a fun family workout and incredibly eco-friendly. Are you like me? Do you have an urge to to put on your helmet and ride? Maybe it's still a touch too cold here in NYC, but seeing Schwinn's new line of bikes made me want to ride off into the sunset.

At the Altman House here in New York City, I had a chance to fully experience what Schwinn has to offer this Spring. These bikes are simply gorgeous. For the women, this was by far my favorite: The Women'??s Trailway (below, $239.99) It's got lovely swept-back handlebars, 21 speeds, and a soft, plush seat.

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Women's Trailway(3)

My choice for the kiddos is the Boys Throttle (below, $119.99). Now, it's called the "Boys" Throttle, but let me tell you--more girls than boys were riding this baby around the Schwinn arena. It's smooth, stylish, and a girl could definitely rock this bike around town.

2011 inline 20 schwinn boys sidewalk black S2378

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