Celebrity Mom Gets Fit


Being fat isn't funny, but comedian and actress, Nicole Sullivan, sure made her weight loss transformation a giggle fest. I met Nicole a few year's ago when she was on a weight loss success tour with Jenny Craig and she performed a stand up for a blogger group.

Now two years later, she's still fit and trim. In fact, she ran the More 1/2 Marathon in NYC last weekend. Since I was also running, we decided to meet up at the race expo to catch up.

Nicole is the mother of two young boys--so she faces the same challenges we all do, not enough time to cook all the healthy nutritious things we need or the time to exercise. This busy actress made her health a priority and found success with Jenny's weight loss program.

After trying various fad diets, cleanses and unhealthy methods to drop weight after her first child, Sullivan found herself coping with mood swings and weight loss that only lasted a few weeks at a time. As Nicole tells it, she got tired of the "wardrobe lady laughing at her" when she vowed to get lean. Following her second pregnancy, Sullivan joined Jenny after her son was six weeks old and pledged to follow Jenny's clinically proven weight management program for safe, moderate weight loss.

When we talked about the race, Nicole teased me a bit for being "one of those runners...you know the ones who can breathe and run at the same time." Yep, I admit it I love to run. Not so much the other Nicole. "I hated runners and everything about running," she said. Slowly after building up her walking workouts she warmed to the concept of running.

Sullivan followed the food-body-mind principles of Jenny by meeting with her consultant weekly, following a nutritional balanced menu and gradually increasing her activity over the course of four months from walking 1-2 times a week up to 4-5 times a week for 45 minutes. Nicole lost 35 lbs on the Jenny Craig program in 16 weeks by adapting portion control and walking. And she's kept it off by giving herself challenges, such as a half marathon. Click here to check out more about her story and follow her on twitter @SullivanNicole

Nicole put in most of her training in Griffith Park in LA (yes, with headphones)--this was her first NYC road race. She finished in style and we bet she'll be back for more. Congrats to Nicole and all the other first timers who finished. It's an amazing feeling to cross the line with thousands of other female athletes.

For more information about Jenny Craig visit www.jennycraig.com/

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