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Love the feel of wind in your hair and the freedom of a bicycle? Why not share this joy with your kids and get fit in the process? All you need to do is hook up a Burley trailer and pedal.

Burley has been in business making bicycle trailers for 30+ years. And as they tell it, "When you buy a Burley you are not just buying a bicycle trailer, you are purchasing a lifestyle that will help achieve an active, positive and healthy child."

As a city slicker I don't get in much bike time, it took a trip to bike-friendly Nantucket to allow me to test out the Burley. We loaded the girls in the roomy trailer and explored the island without ever having to refuel. The girls thought is was the best transportation ever and the spouse and I got a good workout everyday.

I connected with the folks at Burley to get some more reasons why we should bike as a family:
'?¢ Starting children off early with an active lifestyle will stick with them as they grow.
'?¢ Biking is an easy activity that the whole family can take apart of and enjoy.
'?¢ Seeing the world from a bike is a great way to experience nature and the outdoors.

I was impressed by the cozy ride the girls got--all the details are there, such as padded seats and harness straps and a recessed helmet pocket (so child's head is not pushed forward by back of seat). Plus, they are incredibly easy to hook up right out of the box. The model shown, the d'lite retails $435 for and holds up to two kids and three bags of groceries! Buy it here on Amazon.

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