Breastfeeding on the Go

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Breastfeeding on the go is a part of modern motherhood. While you may not have pumped in a NYC taxi or breastfed on the A train (yes that was me two years ago), most likely if you're committed to breastfeeding you're going to have to get creative in your quest to feed baby and keep up with all your obligations. Thank goodness breastfeeding doesn't require much gear--you carry all the essentials right on you. But we don't want to oversimplify, there are a few tricks we can share from expert, Gina Ciagne.

Gina is a mom of two breastfed children and the Director of Breastfeeding and Consumer Relations for Lansinoh Laboratories. As a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and a La Leche League International-trained breastfeeding peer counselor, she's probably seen or heard it all when it comes to taking on the demands of feeding baby and getting the 101 things on your to-do list done.

The Pluses:

  • One of the joys of breastfeeding? No need for a fridge or a bottle warmer. Gina says, "When you are breastfeeding, the milk is always ready and at the right temperature!" Hurrah for efficiency.
  • The breast is always open. Unlike restaurants, your baby can get 24/7 service at the mommy buffet. 
  • Skipping formula and bottles means fewer items in the diaper bag means a lighter load for mom.
  • Need we mention the financial savings?


  • The good news is that public acceptance of breastfeeding is on the rise. The bad news? Facilities are still lacking for clean, comfortable spots to breastfeed. We love the insider guides to "mother's rooms" on (Nordtrom's gets a thumbs up) it pays to do research.
  • If you are concerned about covering up your nipple (and we hear you if you are) consider tossing a roomy cloth diaper or a baby blanket over you while you feed. Yes, there are many beautiful nursing covers, but these are all about fashion, any breathable cloth will do.
  • Wear the right top. Cardigans are a nursing moms' best friend. The front opening give easy access. Turtlenecks? Not so good.

What to pack:

  • Burp cloth to wipe baby's face after feeding (or to cover up mom).
  • Extra set of feeding supplies in the bag. If you are pumping on the go you'll want storage bags and a full set of bottles for your outings.
  • Gina advises putting in some breast pads in your diaper bag. Milk let-down can catch you off guard and a pad is a lot easier to carry than a fresh top. Gina says even moms that don't experience leakage at home can have milk seep out while on the go.
  • For sore nipples, toss an extra HPA Lanolin tube or soothie into your diaper bag. 

Now it's your turn--what are your tips for breastfeeding on the go? 

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The Momtrends Breastfeeding series is sponsored by Lansinoh.

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