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We all know running is a great workout. To get more mileage out of our runs, I went right to the expert, and asked Mark Zehfuss, President of Baby Jogger for some tips.

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Mark'??s favorite running destination is Belle Isle, an island in the middle of Virginia's James River. This is a very popular family spot and offers views of the Richmond Skyline, the Falls of the James River, and beautiful Hollywood Cemetery. Mark says it'??s definitely an escape from the city in the heart of the city.

Jogger Exercises* can be done with any of Baby Jogger's Performance series strollers.

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Jogger Squat '?? Stand behind your stroller with your arms a shoulder width apart placing your hands on the handlebar. Legs should be hip width apart. Flex your abs during this exercise. Press your body weight in your heels as you lower your body as if sitting into a chair. Be sure that no pressure is being applied to the handlebar of the stroller. Stop when your knees reach a 90 degree angle and slowly return to a standing position.

Jogger Lunges - Stand about two feet behind the stroller with hands resting gently on the handlebar. Spread legs with one foot in front and one behind as wide as comfortably possible. Tighten your torso. Lower your body by bending both knees. Be sure that no pressure is being applied to the handlebar of the stroller. Stop when front thigh makes a 90 degree angle. Repeat and switch legs. You can also take a walking step forward and push the stroller forward with each lunge.

Jogger Leg Extensions - Stand behind the stroller with your hands resting on the handlebar. Lift one leg back, at least a foot off the ground, flexing your glutes and abs while pointing your toes. Be sure that no pressure is being applied to the handlebar of the stroller. Repeat this movement and switch legs. You can also do this exercise lifting your legs to the sides of the stroller. This creates a great stretch for the inner thighs.

Jogger Crunch '?? Lie on your back facing the front of stroller (and baby), with one foot on either side of the front wheel. Position yourself so that your bent knees line up with the footplate area. Hold hands behind head and lift your head, neck and shoulders so your shoulder blades just come off the ground. Hold the raised position for 15-30 seconds. Lower your body and repeat. This position can also be used for more traditional sit ups.

*For safety reasons, all in-place exercises should be done with the stroller parking brake is engaged.

Expect to pay around $400 for aPerformance Series Single Stroller. My tip: check ebay and Craigslist. Like Burley bike trailers and Kelty joggers this equipment is sturdy and lasts a long time!

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