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As someone who has spent her life training in the pool, Amanda Beard, a seven-time Olympic Gold Medalist, has been discovering the exciting and challenging world of motherhood as a pregnant mom to a toddler. Amanda has been gearing up for life with two and recently spoke with Momtrends about her new pregnancy, how to maintain fitness, what is the most excited about and her work with Aqua Sphere, a company that creates high-quality swim products.

Momtrends: What excites you the most about becoming a mom the second time around?

Amanda: Everything excites me about becoming a mom for the second time. Dusting off all the baby gear, buying bottles again, it's all so fun and exciting. I love the idea of Blaise being a bigger brother and the role and responsibilities he will learn and take on. It feels like adding one more little one to our family will really make it a complete unit.

Momtrends: How did your partnership with Aqua Sphere come to be?

Amanda: As a professional swimmer and a mom, it’s important for me to partner with a brand that helps me focus and make the most of each workout. Aqua Sphere is a natural fit because I use it recreationally and for training. Their gear is so comfortable and well-fitting that I don’t have to worry about the goggles slipping or fogging up, or that my Lima swimsuit will become uncomfortable after spending hours in the pool. I also love that they have a maternity suit, the Isis, which I can use to exercise during pregnancy, as the fabric expands with a growing belly.

Momtrends: How can expectant mothers maintain their fitness during pregnancy and what are you doing to do so?

Amanda: It’s important to stay active during pregnancy, but it’s smart to readjust your normal exercise routine so you don’t overstress your body. It can be difficult to feel motivated to work out when you’re not feeling your best, so I always encourage pregnant women to make their workouts as convenient and low-impact as possible, such as swimming, walking and yoga. I still swim while pregnant, and suggest that other expectant mothers do so in order to calm and soothe muscles. Gentle stretches in the shallow end can help alleviate back pain, make you feel weightless and soothe tired muscles. Walking is a great way to add in a cardio exercise while pregnant. You can swap running for a walk around your neighborhood, take your dog out on a stroll or simply find a visually stimulating area to walk around to keep it fun. Additionally, I understand firsthand that leaving the house is not always plausible, so I suggest rolling out a yoga mat at home and practicing along with a prenatal yoga DVD in order to move at your own pace. Mixing these three workouts together will help you feel great, active and strong during your pregnancy.

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