ActiveSLEEVE Review


As someone who works out daily, I always have my iPhone with me to keep me entertained and pass the time. I usually put my iPhone in my pocket while working out and find that it is always very cumbersome by the end of the workout. I was excited to try out the ActiveSLEEVE by NXE products in hopes that it would help relieve some of my phone woes while working out.

The first day that I tried the ActiveSLEEVE was also the last. While the company boasts the sleeve to have a simplistic slip on design, I found it difficult. I don't think of myself as having large bicep circumference but when I tried to pull the size small sleeve onto my arm I found it incredibly difficult and very tight. It took me about three minutes just to get it on. Once I finally pulled it up to my bicep I attempted to put my iPhone in the pocket. This was yet another easy task that the sleeve made very difficult.


As I began to work out, I found the the pocket for the iPhone to be very annoying at times. When I wanted to change the song or check the time I had to take the entire phone out of the pocket. The process of taking it in and out took about 5-10 minutes throughout my entire workout.

The only thing that I did like about the sleeve was the breathable fabric. It was very lightweight and soft. The fabric even has moisture-wicking technology that keeps your device safe from perspiration while you exercise.

I will continue to work out often with my iPhone in my pocket and unfortunately the ActiveSLEEVE ($29.99) will be left at home.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a model for testing purposes.

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