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A New Year, A New Me with Jenny Craig


At this time, New Year's Resolutions seem so far away. Have you been able to stick to yours? This is my year. This is my year to finally lose the baby weight. And, the reason I feel so successful when I say this is because I have been on Jenny Craig since June 2012 and I am still going strong.

Some people might have reached their goals for the amount of time that I have been on. True, but I am not discouraged because I want this weight loss to be the one that I keep and the one that brings me back to my pre-baby weight. Just to clarify, the "baby" will be turning 3 in a few weeks and my older two are 6 and 9. So, this weight is 9 years in the making. When it comes off, I want it to stay off for good.

Jenny Craig allows me to eat their meals as well as choose two "My Days where I can make healthy choices of food that I would like. Being a mother of three and working full time, this is a plan I need because I can look ahead at my schedule for the week and make it work for me. So at this time, I am very close to a 17-pound loss. This has made it possible to wear my "Little Black Dress" again. The BCBG Max Azria dress that I am wearing below one of my favorites, so I am happy to bring it back into my wardrobe. (Another plus when losing weight is fitting into some of my favorites again. They have been so lonely in my closet!)

Jenny 1 Collage

This month, another Jenny Craig success story is on the cover of People magazine. Leah Fernandez lost 126 pounds to reach her goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Reading her story which sadly includes the tragic death of her husband made me realize that with support, goals can be achieved, especially when it involves your health.


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This is another reason why I am happy to hear that Jenny Craig announced their commitment to the American Heart Association (AHA). My first interaction was with Jenny and the AHA this past June in NYC. Valerie Bertinelli and a team of bloggers participated in a Heart Walk/Run as Team Jenny. I knew then that I needed to do something to change my eating habits and my exercise routine, and I haven't looked back since.

Jenny Craig has proven results. Here are stats that are making me feel positive in 2013:

The brand hopes to shed light on the health benefits from losing weight. In fact, Jenny Craig clients lose three times more weight than dieting on their own**. In 2010, an independent two-year clinical trial was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that showed that participants, on average, lost 10% of their body weight in the first year. Ultimately, 92% of participants stuck with the Jenny Craig program for two years. Participants also saw improvements in blood cholesterol levels and cardiopulmonary fitness, as well an overall improvement in quality of life. Those results demonstrate how Jenny Craig'??s tools, education and personalized counseling provided to each client help them to not only stayed with the program and realize meaningful weight loss, but help them achieve a variety of health benefits.

Here's to sticking to my goals in 2013 and I hope to share with you a smaller and more important, healthier me!

Kerri G. is a not only a teacher, wife and writer but a full time working mom of three savvy ladies. You can read about her adventures in traveling, fashion and money sense at Raising Three Savvy Ladies. Find her on twitter as@SavvyMomNYC.

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