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As we mentioned, we had the chance to visit the set of the new movie Delivery Manin NYC and a part of that experience was having the chance to meet and interview Vince Vaughn.


Playing the character David Wozniak whose life gets upturned after he learns that he fathered 533 children via sperm donations, David embarks on an unexpected journey to fatherhood as he learns more about himself and his role in this complex situation. Enduring, sweet and complicated, the movie also depicts his role as a boyfriend to Emma, his debt, and lawsuit from 142 of the 533, Delivery Man is an exciting movie that will get to the heart of what it means to be a father.


On set, it was incredible to meet Vince Vaughn who was extremely personable and warm. As a father himself, he spoke about the nature of fatherhood and how this role appealed to him. He noted, "I love the concept, and I think being a new dad, I was really right for it because I think the fun of the movie is, it’s overwhelmingly, for me is, when you were younger, he kind of donates a lot to a sperm bank. He added, "The concept in itself is funny. But then what became interesting was because of the number of children, they can each play out in different circumstances so I think he gives you all of your hopes and fears as a parent, each kind of kid can represent that."


We also asked him what appealed to him about this role where he spoke of how it was interesting to learn who this person (David) is as well as who he is as a father. He said he taped into this type of person from him own personal life. Since he was a new dad at the time, he basically "just really kind of played and acted this role."

We also asked hime about filming in NYC where he noted, "It’s so incredible being here. It lends itself because having that many kids who are all involved in different lifestyles and involved in different things, it lends itself well to this kid lives in this neighborhood. Or this kid this and that."

During the interview, it was clear how passionate he was about the role as well as how excited he was to be taking a role where he could be a father - despite the fact that he is a father to 533 children.

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