Winter Skincare Essentials for the Time-Starved Mom


Six words I can’t stop saying?

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“I am so over this weather.”

And while I know I sound like a clichéd broken record, it’s the truth... I’m sick of it. I've had it. Stick a fork in me... I'm done. With winter. And snow. And wind. And cold. And jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves.

[Insert Dramatic Sigh.]

Fortunately, there’s one part of me that no longer feels the winter woes—and that’s my skin. In fact, I’m looking a lot better, these days, thanks to some minor tweaks in my daily routine and a couple of key skincare products.

Fact is, with a toddler and a newborn at home, I don't have time for lengthy rituals, facial appointments, or DIY lotions, potions, and treatments. So I’ve really stepped up my at-home game this winter, and swapped out my usual go-to beauty booty with a few ultra-hydrating, and über-gentle essentials... And I have to say, it's worked. My complexion looks brighter and more vibrant (which is pretty awesome considering how sleep-deprived I feel.)

So while my mind (and mouth) is screaming for winter to end, my skin is as radiant as a warm summer’s day.

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Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream, $15
My skin requires a sensitive formula for daily use. But during the winter, I also need serious hydration—and this product, with its natural ingredients, offers a happy medium for my complexion. Made with cotton extract to soften and protect the skin, rice extract to moisturize, and aloe to soothe, this product definitely delivers.

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier, $42
Like many moms, I use humidifiers in my children’s rooms—when they have colds. But the benefits are so immense that I recently decided to put one in my room too. Not only does the cool-air mist help with congestion, it also alleviates the head-to-toe itchiness that accompanies super-dry winter skin. (It's made my hair healthier too!)

Lancôme Absolue Hand, $47
I haven’t had a manicure for a good six months (#newmomproblems). And for a while there, my hands were looking rather haggard. Bitter cold air and hot water (I wash baby bottles all day, every day!) add up to very dry, cracked digits. But this ultra-luxurious hand cream, rich with soy and sea algae, intensely moisturizes. It also provides SPF 15 protection—which is amazing because, even when I do put on sunscreen, I always forget my hands! It's a bit of a splurge for an everyday hand lotion, but it's well worth it. This little tube now has a permanent home in my handbag. (Hand cream—never leave home without it!)

Stelatopia Cream Cleanser, $12.50
I love Mustela products—because if they’re good enough for my baby, they’re good enough for me. This cleanser is extremely gentle, non-irritating, and non-drying, and, yet, my skin still feels squeaky clean after using it.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $5
Remember how I said it’s been a while since I’ve had a manicure? Well, it’s been even longer since I’ve had a pedicure. I’m on my feet all day long—either pacing the house with my newborn in tow or chasing after my toddler. By the end of the day, my feet literally throb. And in the winter, the skin on my feet gets so cracked and calloused (I know, gross), it just adds fuel to the fire. And so every evening, I slather my heels and toes with Aquaphor—and then I wear socks to lock in the moisture. You wouldn’t believe the difference it makes—in just one night.

Mustela Hydra Stick, $9.50
When I was a little kid, my mom would slather petroleum jelly cream all over my face, lips, and ears before she’d let me play in the snow. This portable stick from Mustela is the less messy, non-sticky grownup alternative to what I used to call "grease face". So now, when it’s two-degrees and windy outside, I glide a little bit of this on my lips and cheeks to provide extra moisture and a barrier against the harsh winter elements.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, $29
I am head over heels in heart with this brand-new magic elixir. It’s like a BB, a CC, and a tinted moisturizer all in one perfect product. It gives my skin a nice little lift and glow in just seconds. I use the Smoothing Brush to apply for a flawless finish and, voila, I look instantly more alive. Better yet, this formula contains SPF 30 and is proven increase skin hydration by 215 percent—which is essential in the winter.

Moisture Surge Face Spray, $22
This oil-free moisturizer is like a drink of water for your face. I like to carry it in my bag, and give my face a quick spritz when I need a little pick-me-up after a long day out and about. Not only does it give my complexion a hydrating boost, it also feels really good.

Instrumental Beauty Home Spa Treatment System, $30
I’ve been looking for an alternative to the expensive cleansing systems on the market, and this waterproof rotary brush is the answer! It is smooth on my gentle skin, and effectively scrubs away dirt, oil, and impurities on my face without causing irritation. I definitely feel a deeper clean than I do with just cleanser and my hands, and it exfoliates my and evens out the surface of my skin, allowing for a better absorption of moisturizers. Best of all: it's a complete system that comes with a brush and sponge for your face, a brush for your body, and a smoothing stone for feet. What a bargain!

Lancôme Energie de Nuit Overnight Mask, $67
This product goes on so smooth—it practically feels like cool whip... except it’s a whole lot more luxurious. You can use this as a nightly moisturizer, but, because its so very rich (and also relatively expensive), I prefer to use it as an occasional overnight mask. I apply a thick layer to my face, and it works magic while I sleep. My skin literally feels like silk the next morning.

This is not a sponsored post. We were given samples for review. All opinions are our own.

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