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Why Handwriting is Important and Tips to Encourage Kids to Write More #BICFightForYourWrite

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This year BIC® is celebrating 30 years of helping kids reach their potential. As we prepare to head back to school and to help celebrate BIC's 30 year old success, we've partnered with them to help save handwriting by sharing some reasons why handwriting is important and tips to encourage handwriting with your kids.

We have joined the #BICFightForYourWrite mission and invite you to join too!

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The act of handwriting is an essential tool for learning and growth. Here are some important handwriting facts to keep in mind as we head into this school year.

Handwriting facts:

  • Handwriting helps foster creativity.
  • Writing promotes critical thinking.
  • Writing boost self confidence.
  • Better writers make better readers.
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These days our kids are surrounded by technology all the time, but it's important to keep in mind the importance of handwriting. My daughter is only in 2nd grade this year and while they have computers for them to use at school, luckily she hasn't been fully bombarded with having to use computers and tablets for schoolwork and homework all the time yet.

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She still loves to write and doodle on real paper with real pencils. I always try to keep a small notepad and some pencils in my purse for her to doodle on. BIC® Mechanical Pencils are great for keeping in your purse because they aren't permanent like a pen and you can retract the lead when you aren't using them which keeps everything else in your bag mark free.

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As a Mom, we know it can be challenging to encourage kids to write at times. To help encourage your kids to write more at home try these fun tips.

Tips To Encourage Handwriting:

  1. Make writing special. Give kids their own desk, journal or space where they can practice their handwriting. Last year my daughter loved getting special visits from the "handwriting fairy". We got her a special journal and she practiced neat handwriting with short notes back and forth to the handwriting fairy. It was a fun and easy way to promote neat handwriting.
  2. Offer an assortment of fun pencils and pens. Be sure you stock up on fun writing tools that will get kids excited about handwriting. My daughter loves anything sparkly or pink, so of course she was immediately drawn to the BIC® Xtra-Sparkle mechanical pencils with their sparkly and fun designs.
  3. Set aside specific times to write. We always take a travel journal with us on trips. At the end of each day of our vacation we give her a few minutes to write in her journal about her favorite part of that day. These short journal entries usually include a few doodles of the day's activities. These keeps writing important as well as creates a special document she can always have to look back on.
  4. Create fun writing assignments. To encourage writing to be fun sometimes you have to get creative. Writing special notes to friends and family (even if they live next door) and encouraging kids to create their own stories is always a hit in our house. You'd be surprised what they can come up with when they have the freedom to let their imagination run wild. If they are stumped on what to write, you can give them a story starter or journal topic to jump start the writing process.
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So, now that you're armed with the knowledge of how important handwriting is, we invite you to join in and take the #BICFightForYourWrite pledge to to save handwriting by writing with BIC Mechanical Pencils and encourage handwriting in your home and community!

Let's help make handwriting important to the next generation! Visit to sign the pledge and help support this great cause!

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BIC® will be having a “surprise 30th birthday” Sweepstakes on the BIC Pen Pals Facebook page. Be sure to connect with their Facebook page you don't miss this opportunity!

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You can also WIN a $1,200 BIC® Prize Pack to help encourage your kids to write more at home. There is no purchase necessary. The contest ends 9/14/2015. For all the details and full rules visit

Stay connected with BIC® on their BIC Pen Pals Facebook page and BIC website

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