What to Do With All That Leftover Candy


We're drowning in candy over here. My little guy had the greatest time trick-or-treating a few nights ago on Halloween, and I was shocked to find that we lasted almost two full hours, roaming the neighborhood and knocking on doors. In previous years, we've maybe hit one whole street, but this time around, he was in it to win it and score a seriously sweet loot of lollipops, chocolate bars, sour worms, Twizzlers, Snickers, M&Ms, Reese's Pieces, and more.

Of course, I'm not so keen on all the candy--and I've been rationing his sugar intake since the moment he dumped out his giant jack-o-lantern to do an initial inventory. And, I have to say, he's been really good about it. He's asked for one small piece of candy after lunch and one after dinner--I can't really argue too much with that!

Still, I'm hoping we can put our plethora of candy to better use in the days to come. I've rounded up a few good ways to constructively use your kids' candy collection--together, of course. (You don't want to inadvertently create a Jimmy Kimmel moment!)

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  1. Candy Blondies via Just a Taste /2. Candy Cookie Dough via The Baker Mama / 3. Halloween Candy Bark via BHG / 4. Candy Pizza via Dinners Dishes and Desserts
  1. Bake up Something Delicious: Swap out candy calories for, well, more calories and bake up something truly delicious. These four dessert recipes use many of the typical trick-or-treat candies. It might not be any healthier, but at least it’ll burn through some of the goodies. (P.S. Check out our own version of Boo Bark!)
  2. Donate to a Good Cause: Operation Gratitude sends 100,000-plus care packages annually to U.S. troops stationed overseas and to their children and families left behind, as well as veterans throughout the country. The organization's goal is to make soldiers happy. Donators are encouraged to include letters and photographs Now through Nov. 5, you can also trade your Halloween candy for a toy through MyKoolSmiles.com.
  3. Find a Candy “Buy Back” Program: Some dentist offices participate in buy-back programs where you can exchange candy for toothbrushes! They’ll take care of donating your candy to a greater cause. Now, that's something to smile bigger about.

P.S. Look at us go!

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