We're #Quadrupling for Christmas: Holiday Jammies From Hatley

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I’m pretty sure my mom invented the concept of "Xmas jammies." Long before the Holderness family danced their silly PJ-clad selves into Internet super-stardom, my mama painstakingly assembled, styled, and wrapped Christmas Eve sleep sets for the entire family... Every year. From the time I was in diapers. Back in the ’80s. Long before YouTube even existed.

It was her "thing"… still is!

Yep, to this day, my mom gives the whole fam a new sleepwear set every year. The sillier, the better. The more embarrassing, the more she beams. They usually involve ridiculous hats and silly socks. One time—I kid you not—she got me and my sister super-inappropriate matching pairs from Victoria’s Secret. We were horrified, but then she handed us each a second package which contained white thermals. (She actually expected us to wear the risque pair OVER the long underwear.) Rest assured, we drew our line in the sand, er, snow.

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Despite some merrily mortifying moments throughout the years, Christmas pajamas have remained one of my most beloved holiday traditions. And now that I have my own children to humiliate, I buy about a million pairs to be worn on rotation between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. (Okay, sometimes all the way into February... And, um, once or twice in July when we’re low on clean laundry.)

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This December, my absolute favorite Christmas jammies are from Hatley, my go-to one-stop-shop for family fashion, holiday styles, nifty gifties, and more. Their signature over-the-top kitschy-cute union suits are about as hilarious, cozy, and festive as they get. I love me a good one-piece and this Beary Xmas design is a trendy mix of "nordic-chic" and "ugly-sweater." The print is also available in other styles—in the slight chance you and/or your other half prefer to rock more forgiving separates. But, seriously, where's the fun in that? On that note: My husband is a sport—wouldn't you say? (BTW, I ordered him an XL, but the XXL would've probably been a better fit... Nothing like squeezing your ENTIRE body into a slightly too-tight pair of pajamas—hehe! Sorry, babe!)

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I'm also in love with the Northern Lights style. These pajamas are bright and colorful and totally fun! Plus, the bum flap says "Lighten Up" which is just too perfect. I think I might have to order these #quadrupling fam-jams as well! I better hurry up though—and you should too!—matching Xmas PJs sell out faster than you can say "drop seat." Don't worry, hon, I'm on it... And this time, I'll get you the size up!

This is not a sponsored post. We were given samples for review. All opinions are our own.

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