Washi Tape Crafts You'll Actually Love

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We love us some easy washi tape crafts, and now you will too!

Washi tape is one of our favorite crafting supplies ever. It's so versatile and the patterns are endless and you can stick it to virtually anything and it won't ruin the surface. Yay for washi tape crafts!

Amy Anderson's book Washi Tape Crafts, which has been around for almost two years now (have you not discovered it yet?!?) is not your typical crafting book. It's jam-packed with ideas, and includes an adorable assortment of washi tape so you can get crafting with her ASAP. Amy's blog is also a great resource, but you could totally find a handmade gift for someone on your list using her book.

What are you favorite washi tape craft?

Check out our video to see some of the ideas we chose as our favorites:

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