Wake Up Refreshed & Recharged on an Amerisleep Mattress {Video}

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While it's a few months before the New Year on the calendar, the start of the new school year is a great point to make healthy changes for your family and in your home. Making changes with a successful school year in mind can lead to healthy habits year round. One of the critical steps in ensuring a successful school year is getting enough sleep! I know our family needs to tighten up and transition to school sleep routine from the unpredictability of summer. One of the most important factors in getting a full, healthy night's sleep is the mattress on which you rest.

Amerisleep uses smart technology to ensure you wake up alert, refreshed and recharged. Amerisleep explains, "Infusing Celliant® in our mattress covers helps your body use its energy more efficiently since it cultivates blood flow. This clinically proven fabric reduces time spent awake at night and will allow you to fall asleep faster. You’ll wake with more energy and feel recharged from your night."

Here are a few more reasons we recommend Amerisleep:

  • It's delivered in a tube for ease of transport and to use less packaging. So once you open it, it needs to be unrolled and then it will expand into a full mattress. (You can see this in action in our video below - it's really cool!)
  • The process for manufacturing foam for Amerisleep mattress surpasses the Clean Air Act's standards to help generate cleaner air than what we started with. The beds are crafted with plant-based materials, allowing for less petroleum in the products. The direct to consumer delivery method also helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • The memory foam contours to your body, but with enough support so you're not sinking into the bed. The memory foam is also is cool temperature wise, since the open cell structure allows air to flow through it while you're in bed.

Amerisleep Mattress Demo Video

Shop! Visit Amerisleep to see the entire collection of mattresses for the family. We featured the Columbus Bed (size twin) in the video - it's perfect for kids.

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