Vtech Kidizoom Camera Pix + Kid Photo Hunt Printable

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As a photographer, my kids see me take a lot of photos - for work and fun. I like to capture the little moments, especially when we're doing fun things together as a family. Summer brings lots of awesome things: vacations, day trips and activities. I got my little photographer the Vtech Kidizoom Camera Pix for some creative summer amusement this year.

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The Vtech Kidizoom Camera Pix is NEW is great for preschool aged kids. This was a perfect first camera for my almost 3 year old. It's lightweight and easy to hold with two rubber gripped handholds on both sides. The case has just enough rubber padding to protect it from any bumps or drops (because we all know that will happen!).

The Vtech Kidizoom Camera Pix has 2.0 megapixels and has a micro SD slot for added memory expansion. It also has four-times digital zoom, video recording, 35 fun photo effects and four built-in games.

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There are two binoculars like viewfinders which makes it easy for little eyes to look into the camera. This is a great feature, since kids usually have a hard time closing one eye to look through a viewfinder. It also has a small screen for viewing your photos, adding silly overlays or playing games. When you turn the camera on yourself it automatically detects faces so that it creates the perfect selfie! It has all the tools that your budding photographer could want. The Vtech Kidizoom Camera Pix is a very kid-friendly camera for beginners.

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My budding photographer loved being able to capture pictures of his things, plants, and people in our family. He really liked playing with his little camera and stayed entertained for long periods of time. We took it on our trip to the North Carolina Coast this summer and the kids got to play with it for the first time.

My 7 year old even had her turn playing with it. She was a big fan of the borders and overlays.

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Look at the joy on his face when he captured those pretty purple flowers! With a little guidance, he got the hang of the camera fairly quickly. He practiced taking pictures of things far away and up close.

The camera does best with a lot of light to create clear pictures. So, most of our indoor pictures were blurry and dark. It does best outdoors, but for a camera for the kids to play with this didn't bother me too much. It was perfect for taking on a vacation since we were outdoors a lot.

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These were some of my favorite pictures that the kids took from our vacation. It's really awesome to see our vacation from their point of view! Puzzles, shells, restaurants, riding in the car and fiddler crabs! Lots of smiling faces!

To add an extra element of creativity I created this Kids Photo Scavenger Hunt printable for older kids. This is a great printable for a nature scavenger hunt for a hike or walk in the park. This is something I plan on doing with my 7 year old on our next hike.

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I actually didn't think the camera needed the added games. It inspired creativity and kept my kiddo busy without the extra form of entertainment. It was a really great overall "first camera" for kids.

This is not a sponsored post. We did receive samples for review. All opinions are our own.

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