UMIGO: Free and Engaging Math Website Your Kids Will Love


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UMIGO - or "yoU Make It GO" - is an interactive learning website aimed at early elementary school aged children. Using a story-telling approach though "appisodes", music videos and games, UMIGO engages kids and helps develop math skills for effective reasoning and problem solving.

My six year old daughter is the target age for the website which aligns with Common Core Standards for Mathematics for first and second grade. When I first asked her to take a look around the website and play some games, I didn't tell her it was intended to be educational because, frankly, you never know what you're going to get. She is my most active child and will spend all day outside if I let her, so I was nervous that we'd pull up the website to find some super boring math problems (like a math worksheet on the computer screen).

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Luckily, the entire website is framed around the adventures of friends Bean, Bit and Dizzy. My daughter happily watched a short video setting the stage for a game, which seamlessly weaved in a math lesson and instructions for how she could solve problems to help "save the day." She was hooked.

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The first time she sat down, she played far longer than I anticipated she would. And I didn't mind one bit. She has subsequently asked to play nearly every day. It's a great option for me to offer, too, when we're looking for a quiet indoor activity to help beat the summer slide.

Here's an example appisode called Double Trouble. It's one of the first videos we watched together and it is pretty indicative of the content you'll find at UMIGO.

One of the best parts about UMIGO? It's entirely free. No pesky registrations or sneaky renewal charges! Lest you think less of the quality because of the (lack of) price tag, you should know the website is funded in part by a U.S. Department of Education Ready to Learn grant. Additionally, the Chief Content Officer, Dr. Shalom Fisch has over 25 years experience in applied educational practice and empirical research to help create effective educational media for children.

Summer of Learning

On June 19, UMIGO kicked off the Summer of UMIGO to combat the summer slide. UMIGO has partnered with the National Summer Learning Association to bring hands-on experiences that mirror the content found on the website. To find a program near you, visit the Summer Learning Day Map.

Do! Help your kids stay on track in the core subject of mathematics, visit to start watching, playing and learning. If your experience is anything like ours, your child will spend some time actively engaged in learning.

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