Toy Vacuum: The Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner


Getting kids to clean up is such an important skill. However, the size and shape of most brooms and vacuum cleaners can be daunting for their little hands. One way my daughters have been growing increasing interested in cleaning and helping out is by using the fun Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner.

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This unique toy vacuum is a direct replica of the Dyson's “Ball” model where kids will find a simulated cyclone action with colorful balls that they can seeing moving. This has been a hit with my three-year-old who loves looking at the balls moving as well as seeing it ‘Twists and Turns' which is designed to assist with developing and enhancing problem solving and motor skills.

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The toy is also really life-like with its cycle and suction that is located at the foot of the vacuum that can actually pick up small pieces of paper. I love this since it allows my kids to actually help out as well as allows them to see that they are doing something and that they have a tool that really works. It even includes removable dustbin that they can take out, dump and then use all over again!

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A cool toy for pre-school aged children, it focus on real-life skills through play using a vacuum that allows kids to play, help out, discover, explore and really clean as it serves as a fun and super functional toy!

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