Toy Tuesday: Zuzu Parade Animals

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We love toys, but we don't like unnecessary clutter. That's why we love the animals from Zuzu Parade. This is not only a giant lion toy... It's a stool! And kids can sit on it, play with it, pack toys in it (woohoo!), and cuddle it... Or, moms and dads can wear it on their heads and chase their children around the house... Either way!

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The Zuzu Parade of animals is making its way into the children’s play rooms this year. From turtles to elephants, the line carries six adorable, cuddly and convenient stuffed animal stools that are sure to bring holiday morning smiles to children and moms alike. These fun stools inspire imagination and creativity as children can play with and name them. In addition, they can be used as room décor and can foster a fun cleaning habit involving the entire family. According to researchers, dolls, puppets and stuffed animals have unique advantages over other toys. Because kids know that a plush puppy or a princess doll represents a living thing, they can relate and attach emotions to it. Playing with these "friends" allows kids to explore their complex feelings.

Shop Zuzu Parade Animals ($69.99 each).

This is not a sponsored post. We were given a sample for review. All opinions are our own.

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