Toy Tuesday: The PBS Kids Toy Collection at Wholefoods

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Okay, so yeah, my 13 month old covered her ears when her three-year-old brother started playing this drum (seriously, just watch the video!). But that doesn’t reflect her true feelings about the Jungle Jams Drum Set. She’s obsessed with it. My son is too. My HUSBAND felt the rhythm for a good 20 minutes last night! And, well, I'm just happy if my children are quietly playing independently. I did give it a go though, and I have to say: the rubber-tipped drumstick produces a really unique pitched sound—and it’s honestly really enjoyable to play. (Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun.)

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This is just one of the safe and sustainable toys from the PBS Kids collection now available at Wholefoods. As a conscious mom, I like that the items in this line are all made with higher quality, better-for-baby materials. And I love that they’re tech-free battery-free toys—it's just good old-fashion retro-inspired family fun. Plus, everything in the collection is under $30—so they make great giftable items!

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