Saturday Sips: Top Hard Ciders to Enjoy This Fall

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I generally try to wait until the official first day of fall to kick off our family's annual autumnal activities. But my husband just started a new job and will be working nonstop for the next few weeks (womp-womp). Alas, it looks like he'll miss out on a lot of the yearly fall fun (womp-wom)--so I made an exception to my rule and we went apple picking today (sorry summer!). Their was a nice breeze and a freshness in the air, and it downright felt like fall. It actually made me excited to say bye-bye to the heat and humidity.

The delicious hard cider I had from Woodside Farms in the North Fork of Long Island, most definitely helped put me in the seasonal frame of mind too. Come late September, I usually go for some Oktoberfest beer options (more on that next Saturday Sips!), and skip over the bright, slightly sweet, and totally tart spiked ciders. But, this year, I decided, why not make room in my rotation for both!

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In fact, I was so inspired I ran to my local grocery store to get myself a six-pack of hard cider. This iconic option from Angry Orchards might not be the most sophisticated, but it's got broad appeal with its crisp and straight-forward apple-y flavor. I'm definitely all about exploring other, more boutiquey, brands too! I've rounded up three options for your picky apple-loving cider-sipping palette. Enjoy! Fall will be here before you know it. And I'm ready to welcome it with open arms...

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  1. Woodchuck Amber: It's the "original" hard cider, and so it warrants a place on our list. It has medium body and a refreshing red apple finish.
  2. Crispin Cider The Saint: Made from fresh-pressed Washington and Oregon Apples, and naturally fermented with Belgian Trappist this artisanal cider also features a touch of pure maple syrup for a pie-like finish.
  3. Shaksbury Farmhouse Craft Cider: Inspired by saison beer and rosé wine, this light, bright, and sparkling cider features apples grown in Vermont and England.

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