The Ultimate Tablet Built for Kids

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From the moment we opened the Kurio Xtreme Tablet, we knew it was a different kind of gadget. The ultimate tablet built for children, it aims to keep kids engaged and entertained while making their parents happy and content too.

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The Kurio Xtreme tablet is packed with features we expect from a typical tablet. It has a 7 inch multi-touch screen with front and rear camera. It runs on an Intel Atom Processor with Android 4.4, it has 16 GB storage and a Micro Memory card slot. It is WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled. In addition to impressive hardware, the Kurio Xtreme is loaded with games, apps, music, videos, e-books and more. The tablet comes ready to use from the moment you open the box, including a stand, protective bumper, charger and USB cable.

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Safety Features

In their goal to be the safest tablet for kids to use, the Kurio Xtreme is loaded with features to give parents peace of mind.

  • Internet Filtering: Kurio genius kid-safe Internet filtering system which filters 450+ million sites daily to inappropriate content
  • Multiple Profiles: Set up to 8 completely independent user profiles so everyone in your family can have their own
  • Parental Area: Set up your child(ren)'s profile with easy-to-use parental controls
  • Time Controls: Set up play time for every day of the week
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Kurio Motion & More Apps and Content

Kurio Motion is a body motion game controlled by your movement. The Kurio Xtreme includes 10 Kurio Motion Games, like Flap Your Arms to Swim, Jump to Guard the Goal and more. Simply set the Kurio Xtreme on a table using the included Kurio stand and start moving! The games are a blast for the whole family! We have had lots of fun playing against one another and simply giggling as we watch one another head down the slopes in the "Sway to Ski!" game.

I worried that my 8 year old, who is really into technology and online games, may be bored with the Kurio tablet. Boy, was I wrong. He, like the rest of us, is completely entertained by the games and apps on the Xtreme Tablet. And I love that I don't have to watch over his shoulder to make sure he's not stumbling upon anything inappropriate. He is also really into the Kurio Motion games.

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The combination of quality technology, extensive safety features, and Kurio Motion games make the Kurio Xtreme a really smart tablet for kids. It's a great value for the price and is a perfect option for holiday gift giving.

Shop! The Kurio Xtreme Tablet is available on Amazon. And head's up: there's now a Kurio Xtreme 2 that runs on Android 5.0 available exclusively at Toys R Us for about $130.

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