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The Ultimate Getaway Destination for Family, Friends, and Even Co-Workers

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When I think of iconic family vacation spots, I think of Woodloch Resort in Hawley, PA. As a kid, my family used to go to this picturesque Poconos destination every year in the winter. I remember the cozy vibe, the warm staff, the lovely accommodations, and the delicious food...

But, mostly, I remember the fun. I remember the seasonal Olympic games. I remember the go-cart racing. I remember the [faux] horse racing. I remember winning the Family Feud championship! (Still have the medal to prove it.)

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Naturally, when I had my own children, years later, I couldn't wait to take them to Woodloch too. I knew they'd find it just as magical and memorable as I did when I was young. We went two years ago, and I loved watching my little ones play and splash and sing and enjoy every family-friendly minute and amenity... The lake, the love, the laughter. 

Yes, I've know that Woodloch Resort is a top-notch family vacation spot for years nows... But when I heard that Momtrends Media would be taking our annual work-retreat there, I was surprised. Family resort? Sure, of course! Coworker/girls' getaway? I wasn't quite so confident.

Alas, Woodloch's uncanny ability to cater to our group's wants and needs and whims proved to me that it's, indeed, a great place for just about anyone, and just about anything...

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Where to Stay

Woodloch Resort has accommodations to fit just about every need. There are traditional hotel rooms, suites, condos, motel-style units, private lake estates, and luxurious guest homes. You can stay right in the middle of the action or off the beaten path. A resort-wide shuttle makes it convenient no matter what you choose.

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The MT team stayed at the brand new Tallwoods guest homes, located on the main property. Each Tallwoods home boasts three large bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a spacious open concept kitchen and living room, and a roomy rear-view deck.

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What to Do

Adventure abounds at Woodloch Resort. Fall is a gorgeous time with lots of fun, sun, and activities to try together. Go-cart racing is a hit for all ages. The MT ladies blast on the track, but I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it was for my son to race around with his dad two years ago. 

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We also went for a scenic hike and boated by the lake. But there are countless other outdoor options for all ages and interests, like swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, archery, a ropes course, a zip-line, and more. Of course there are also lots of indoor activities and games. Classes (mixology lesson, anyone?) and special events (Bingo Night! Bakery Wars! Special shows!) make every stay unique and special for repeat guests... of which there are many! We hit up the Saturday night musical, and had the best time dancing to our favorite show tunes.

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What to Eat

There's nothing quite like the family-style meals in the resort's main dining room. Loud, bustling, and full of good cheer, breakfasts and dinners really do feel like an exciting communal experience. 

The American Plan is an all-inclusive (alcoholic beverages are billed separately) package with two to three delicious family-style meals served daily. There are also a la carte options available at restaurants throughout the resort. We had dinner one night at Tree Restaurant, and I enjoyed an incredible prime rib roast meal. (I'm drooling just thinking about that slab of medium-rare perfection!)

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Tip: Don't skip the crumb cake. Woodloch is famous for its bakery--and every moist morsel that comes out of their oven, is worth at least a little taste. Oh, and one more thing: the Sunday brunch is a family feast that's not to be missed.

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How to Find Me-Time

The spa was one aspect of the resort I was excited to experience. We kicked off our work-centric (but still fun-filled!) summit as this rejuvenating slice of serenity, and it was a perfect way to relax our minds and bodies before diving into planning and strategizing. From the gorgeous entryway garden to the perfectly pristine plunge pools to the inviting treatment suites to open, airy workout studio--this part of Woodloch is unlike any other. It feels less nostalgic and tradition, and more modern and luxe. We ate deliciously healthy spa food, drank green tea, and indulged in a moment of me-time (us-time!).

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I was delighted to discover that Woodloch is a great place for families and friends... and even for work wives too!

This is not a sponsored post. We were graciously hosted by Woodloch Resort for our weekend work summit.

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